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Compass Box Metropolis


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Deel 3 uit de Compass Box Extinct Blends Quartet serie.

Metropolis is said to have been inspired from a recently lost blended Scotch whisky with a “long history”, and by the mixing of cultures that happens in cities. It includes some sherry cask-matured whisky alongside grain whisky and a small proportion of highly aged malt whisky.

Compass Box introduced the Extinct Blends Series to pay homage to blended whiskies of the past, which – unlike ‘lost’ distilleries that can be resurrected with like-for-like equipment – are incredibly difficult to recreate at scale. The series will comprise four blended Scotch whiskies created from the company’s stocks. Metropolis follows Ultramarine and Delos in the series.

Compass Box’s lead whisky maker, James Saxon, said: “For us, Metropolis represents all the people, places, and moments that blend together making city life so vibrant. We really wanted to capture the soul of blended Scotch that continues to reside in the city today.”

70CL / 49%



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